"Vanessa was great from start to finish, she was patient and listened and gave us such a detailed report of Jude's symptoms and diagnosis.
I can honestly say from the work Vanessa has done it is such a breath of fresh air to finally get some answers, when you feel like there aren't any..I wish there were more people like Vanessa in the medical system!
Thank you for your caring detailed approach and for helping us find the cause of Jude's symptoms, I will forever be grateful for your advice!"
Jude has gone from an unhappy baby, waking every two hours and crying constantly to  happy and smiley like a totally different baby. 
I have kept in touch with Vanessa and she is an amazing woman and I feel who is a friend now. I can never thank her enough for the change in Jude she is incredible and has been a big part of our journey. I wish more people had the education she has to help more mums in my situation."

Jane & Jude

"Accidentally stumbling upon Vanessa’s page was the biggest blessing in disguise I’ve had in a very long time. I started to educate myself through her posts and thought this is exactly the answers I’ve been looking so I knew I had to consult her.
Vanessa’s Report was insightful and extremely knowledgeable and I definitely learnt so much more than I already knew, not just about reflux but about closely related areas too. After following her advice we very quickly found the solution to our bub’s issues and we can’t wait to rectify this and watch him heal and flourish.
Vanessa followed us up with regular check ins and her communication overall was astounding, she really went above and beyond. Thank you Vanessa, hope you can help other families in the same way you’ve helped ours"

Kristy & Luka

"Vanessa helped our then 3 month daughter so much ! She spend so much time with me answering all of my questions and concerns. 
She was in agreement with our myofunctional therapist that the root cause of my baby's reflux was oral ties. 
She also gave great recommendations on changing bottles and formula. 
Vanessa is so sweet, understanding and really cares about her clients!"

Michelle and Lucy

"Thank you so much for the report & introducing me to really helpful additional contacts. It’s all really helped and made me feel relaxed knowing I wasn’t being precious and over thinking things. You made me feel so supported and allowed me to see a path for us to have a great feeding journey. 
At a stage where I felt so overwhelmed and guilty that my son was struggling with feeding, you were able to reassure me there are many ways to help us both. Within 2 weeks I saw huge improvements!! So so glad I reached out. Thanks again for all your help Vanessa."

Grace & Barnaby

'Vanessa is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to reflux, Her assessment and report was very thorough, she gave us some great leads to follow up and a few things to try immediately which are working wonders already! 
Vanessa has been amazing to link up with, we can’t thank her enough for her help and support. Our only regret is we didn't find her sooner!'

Jacqui & Lucy

“I highly recommend Vanessa and Reflux Rescue. Extensive questions and really delved into what was going on with my little love and getting to the root cause of why she was having reflux. Vanessa is so kind, warm & knowledgeable about reflux, symptoms & causes & what I could do to help ease it. My little one is definitely having less symptoms now which is awesome!”

Kylie & Ayda

Vanessa was thorough, knowledgeable, professional and caring. I found her consultation very helpful and would recommend her to other mummies who are struggling with a reflux baby”

Lesley & Quinn

“Vanessa has great knowledge with reflux & the issues that come with it. Thank you for helping us identify these and giving us the resources to fix them! Isabel has improved with the suggestions you made, & I’m sure once we’re out of lockdown & able to implement your other suggestions she will improve even more!"

Chantelle & Isabelle