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This Downloadable Guide covers:

-The key underlying causes of reflux

-Reflux, silent reflux, colic

-Which symptoms to look out for and how to read them to determine the underlying cause of reflux

-How to breast feed and bottle feed a baby with reflux to improve their symptoms

-Bottle and formula choices

-Exercises, at home recommendations and strategies you can start from today to address root cause of reflux



-Weaning and how it can impact reflux

-When you may need to engage other professionals to assist your baby


This guide is for you if:

1:1 support is not within your family budget but you are determined to understand why your baby has reflux and what you can do about it.

You are looking for an alternative approach to medication (however if is OK if they are already on medication!).

You want to know how to manage reflux from today


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Your Guide to Identifying & Addressing the Root Cause of Baby Reflux