Can you help if my baby is on medication ?

Yes I can! Medication can be helpful to treat pain in the short term, while we work to find the root cause. I have extensive knowledge about a range of commonly used reflux treatments and medications and their advantages and disadvantages and can talk these through with you. I can then provide alternatives for treatment & support for speaking to your GP about weaning off medications - when it is right for your baby.


We’ve tried it all, are you sure you can help?

Absolutely - I understand your frustration, pinning hopes on one remedy after the other with no improvements. You may have tried everything, but in the wrong order, or you may have tried some things that helped some symptoms for the short term, but didn’t address the root cause. I’ll listen to your concerns, and provide a number of recommendations, some of which you can try immediately to ease discomfort. Other recommendations are for the longer term.


My baby is already on solids, can you still help?

Yes absolutely - while solids do add another element to the overall reflux equation, we can definitely still work out the underlying cause and additional advice can be provided on solids.